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Our History

We are proud to work with students and parents at Lincoln Elementary, Lincoln Unified School District’s first campus! Our school dates back to 1878, when a one-room frame schoolhouse was built at Lincoln Road and Pacific Avenue. At this time, only 29 students were enrolled in Lincoln Unified School District.

Lincoln Unified recognized the need to expand amid a population surge in north Stockton. Renovations were made in 1941, 1950 and 1951, with Lincoln Elementary eventually providing space for students in 18 classrooms.

Lincoln Unified began to face overcrowding once the average daily attendance reached 1,000 students. The construction of additional schools such as Colonial Heights in 1955 helped with this issue, but the original Lincoln School was still used for classes until the district found enough classroom space to accommodate all students.

The Lincoln Elementary School campus you see today is the result of a major remodeling in 1988. Today, our modernized facility includes portable classrooms, a blacktop where we host Lincoln traditions such as the Fall and Spring Festivals, a library where students have assigned time to check out books, and a Multi-Use Room that’s home to family-favorite events like our Bingo Nights, school concerts and the Lincoln Elementary Talent Show. 

We are happy to provide a quality education and new programs, technology and community events to Lynx families!