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Top 10 Things to Know

Top 10 Things to Know
1.  Students, families, and staff are asked to show R.O.A.R. while on campus (Respect, Our Best, Attitude, and  Responsibility).
2.   Learning begins at 8:30 am. Please arrive to school before that time.
3.   Students are expected to be at school everyday unless they have an illness.
4.   Students are required to read or be read to daily at home.
5.   Learning time cannot be interrupted for messages or delivery of items.
6.   Teachers need the time before school to prepare the best education for our students. Please schedule meetings with teachers ahead of time.
7.   Families are expected to follow before and after school procedures. Please read page 7 in our school handbook for details.
            *Only Bus students will be allowed to enter or exit through bus gates  on Lincoln Road.
             *Do not park in bus zone on Lincoln Road
             *Do not leave car when waiting for student in the Kiss-and-Go Lane.
             *After school, grades 1-6 children will meet parents at the front of the school.
8.   Families wishing to come onto campus during school hours need to sign in the office and get a pass.
9.   No Bullying - We have a no tolerance policy for verbally or physically intimidating one another.
10.  We expect everyone to commit to respecting our school and making it the best for learning.